Trainees will evaluate counsel and manage patients with a variety of hereditary cancer conditions. Uniquely, the Department of Pediatrics at Washington University also has a Cancer Predisposition Program in which trainees participate.

Trainees will also evaluate counsel and manage adult patients with a variety of familial and sporadic cancer conditions.

The Washington University Cancer Genetics Program is housed under the Pediatrics-Genetics Department. It is a comprehensive genetic counseling service for individuals and families with a history of cancer. The Cancer Genetics Program team includes geneticists, nurse practitioners, genetic counselors and other health care providers. A variety of patients with cancer conditions are seen but they should meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Personal history of cancer <50 year old
  • Personal history of rare cancers (eg: sarcoma, ovarian cancer)
  • Personal history of a germline pathogenic variant (identified through clinical testing, incidentally or through DTC testing)
  • Personal history of tumors with suspicion for underlying genetic cause
  • Extensive family history of cancer
  • Family history of known genetic mutations

Trainees will learn how to:

  • Identify people at an increased risk of cancer due to hereditary risk factors
  • Help patients and families understand their individual risks
  • Co-ordinate clinical genetic testing when appropriate
  • Educate patient and family members about screening and prevention options

Visit the Siteman Cancer Center Genetic Counseling Services website for more information.