Chromosome Microarray AnalysisIna Amarillo 
Imprinting and UPDIna Amarillo 
Numerical and Structural Chromosome AberrationsIna Amarillo (Yang Cao) 
X-inactivation and Sex chromosome aberrationsIna Amarillo 
Introduction to Cytogenetics and Cytogenomics, Cell Cycle(Yang Cao) 
Genetic counseling – 1Marisa Andrews 
Genetic Counseling – 2 (focus on issues related to NGS testing)Linda Manwaring 
Single Gene Patterns of Inheritance/Triplet Expansion Diseases(Yang Cao) 
Bayesian Theorem – 1  
Bayesian Theorem – 2(Yang Cao) 
Next-Generation-Sequencing – platforms and applications in the clinicLatisha Love-Gregory 
Whole Exome SequencingJulie Neidich